08.01.2021 Version 15.02
16.12.2020 Version 15.01
  • DIGI Server: Added panels macros MACROS Server. Transmit macros for CW, DIGI, SBB. It works 100% via TCI. Vac is not needed!
  • PA: Added Elecraft Kat500.
20.11.2020 Version 14.01
  • DIGI Server: In SDC new system DIGI Server. Creates modems for modulation types of RTTY, BPSK. It works 100% via TCI. Vac is not needed!
  • SKM Server: Split is no required to activate the 599 function.
09.10.2020 Version 12.25
  • SKM Server: Skimmer sensitivity can now be set for each type of modulation.
  • SKM Server: Callsign underline added in decoder windowdecoder window.
  • All: Fixed several bugs leading to the crash of the program
25.09.2020 Version 12.24
  • SKM Server: The final change to the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest
  • All: Updated guide to the program. Added description of the connection to the SDR, which are not supported by TCI
  • Remote: Improved interface "Remote" for Audio Client and RMT Server
19.09.2020 Version 12.23
  • Getting ready for the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest! CW, RTTY Skimmer. Improved skimmer performance, improved spot frequency accuracy. As a reminder, for an RTTY skimmer you need to enter an offset of -85 Hz!
07.09.2020 Version 12.22
  • Setup: Automatic download and installation of updates. Works only for registered programs. See manual.
  • All: Updated manual for the program. Added description of connection to N1MM